Chess helps you make Decisions

R.C.D. will soon be opening one of the largest chess collections open to the public soon. In 2002 I started collecting chess sets and artifact. I have more than 1000 chess sets, pieces, posters and artifacts in my collection. Remember that each move has consequences.

Chess helps you make decisions, minimize your losses and move on.

Think and weigh your options, set your priorities, look for opportunities, plan and look ahead and look beyond the obvious.

R.C.D. Helps youth non-profit organizations; The Motivation Effect, RCD Entrepreneurial Training Center and Jus Tus, Inc.

Every Pawn is a potential Queen. You decide what you want to be. 

To be a part of this you may contact us at: P.O. Box 622 Bellflower, CA 90707. Or check us out or email us at 

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