I Got A Reason To Cry Before I Sleep At Night

Through it ALL I made it!!!  I was born in San Bernardino, California on July 13, 2000.  My mother lost custody of me when I was one years old due to her addiction to drugs.  I was blessed to have my paternal grandmother take me into her home.  However, an unfortunate situation happened to my grandmother and I found myself in the foster care system at the age of 6.  I was blessed again to be in a home with my cousin and her husband at the age of seven.  I attended church every Sunday and found a love for Christ.  I lived in the home until the age of seventeen.  That was when I began to feel I wanted to make my own decisions. I felt like I was at an age where I should be able to go hang out with my friends and go places without asking permission from my cousin who was my legal guardian.  Well, I learned the hard way and I was put out of the home because I wanted to follow my own agenda.  This was my senior year in high school and I found myself homeless.  While sleeping in my car for three months, I pressed forward and managed to graduate. This is when I decided to  pick up a camera and make a Youtube Channel. 

My life changed instantly. Who would have known you can make so much happen with a camera! I enjoy giving back to the community.  Even though some may think three months without a home is a short time, I must say one day is too long without a home to sleep in.  I will continue to help support those in need.  In order to BE BLESSED you must BE A BLESSING!!! “I love it, I love helping the community and seeing people who notice me in public”. “I’ll never deny a fan a picture.’’ “I feel like I’m the nicest person in the city you know. If you ever see me don’t be afraid to approach me.’’ “I am a YouTuber and you can subscribe to my channel MikeMike WRLD.’’

 “This  is for all the things I went through but wished I didn’t.” -Mikemikewrld 

Mom drug addict lost 

Move with grandma at the age

6 to seven in foster care

Lived with cousin until 17

Homeless 3 months

Blowing up off Youtube Giving back to community


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