Are the Wilson’s Expecting?

Russell and Ciara Wilson

A picture or video is worth a thousand words. There are no secrets in the social media world. Singer/Songwriter Ciara ran into some fans recently and the fans posted a video on TikTok as they called each other beautiful and it went viral. The proud mother of three, looked very pregnant, and followers/fans called out the TikTok user for ruining Ciara’s privacy.

Recently Ciara guest-hosted The Ellen DeGeneres Show and quarterback husband Russell Wilson “proposed” to his wife asking her for baby No. 4.

Wilson got down on one knee saying, “I’ve got a question for you. A serious question. Can we have more babies? I mean, that would be perfect. Just give me one more at least. Is that a yes?”

Ciara replied, “We definitely can, but (I just need ) a little time before we get there.”

At a Vanity Fair after-party, the couple is seen being affectionate with Russell holding Ciara from behind, kissing her, and rubbing her belly.

Is there an official announcement coming soon?

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