“When I Look Back Over My Life…!”

Lou Yeboah

By Lou Yeboah

And think about all the events in my life up unto the present time, the good as well as the bad, the bitter, and the sweet, my soul cries Abba, Father. Looking back upon those days I see now that the chief comfort of my soul was you Oh, Lord. In my time of doubt, it was Your assurance. In my time of darkness, it was Your light. In my time of confusion, it was Your instructions. Man’s opinion meant nothing to me because man could not help me. It was You and You alone Oh, God.

“I say a prayer every night, whatever I do, I’ll get it right. With no regrets, no guilt or shame, no not this time once I surrender, I won’t dare look back, cause if I do, I’ll get off track… Prepare my mind, prepare my heart for whatever comes… I feel like I’m so blessed. With You in control, I can’t go wrong. You showed me Your Grace, now my life’s renewed and I thank You, Yes, I thank You. So, I’ll tell anyone who’ll listen. I’ll testify about how good You are to me. The fact that You would show somebody so broke down, so-much-mercy, use me as You will, I’ll pay the price cause You made the ultimate sacrifice. It’s all because of You, that I even have life, and I’ll give my love, as a tribute, to how great You are…” [I’m Gonna Be Ready – Yolanda Adams]. 

All my days He had sought me, now I began to seek Him. He had called me, now I began to call upon Him, yet I thought He would never hear me. I had truly become the beggar. I wept till I had no more tears; prayed till I had no more words. Sought for advice and comfort but none could help me. Then one night by my bed side as I lay under the burden of my guilty conscience, He suddenly revealed Himself to my heart. I saw all my sin taken away in His blood. For the first time in my life, I knew the Lord, He was in Heaven, and I was on Earth, yet He had made Himself known to me through His cleansing power. 

I tell you the Love of God is Unmerited. [Deuteronomy 7:7-8]. The Love of God is Eternal. [Jeremiah 31:3]. The Love of God is Universal. [John 3:16; 1st Timothy 2:4]. The Love of God is Unlimited. [Ephesians 2:4-5]. The Love of God is Immutable. [James 1:17] and He wants to bestow His love upon you. “Come to the feast.” The lamb is slain. The wine is poured. Forgiveness of sins, life and salvation is offered freely to you. God asks for the honor of your presence at the banquet of His love. He will compel you, lavish His gifts upon you, put the wedding suit on you, seat you at His table and feed you. Come. Come Now! “Come to the banquet, come to the feast. Eat the bread of life! Share in the singing, share in the joy. Drink the cup of love!”

“All things are ready,” Come, for the door is open wide… He waits to welcome thee; Delay not while this day is thine, tomorrow may never be. Leave every care and worldly strife; Come, feast upon the love of God, And drink everlasting life.” [Come To The Feast Lyrics & Chords By Charles H. Gabriel & William A. Ogden].

And “The Spirit and the bride say, “Come!” And let the one who hears say, “Come!” Let the one who is thirsty come; and let the one who wishes take the free gift of the water of life.” [Revelation 22:17].

Oh, When I Look Back Over My Life – My Soul Cries Abba, Father!

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