New Short Documentary Memorializing First All-Woman LA County Board of Supervisors Unveiled

LOS ANGELES – The Executive Office of the Board of Supervisors has released a short documentary memorializing the first all-women Board of Supervisors since the Board’s inception in 1852.

The short documentary features the current Board as well as the two women who previously served on the Board – Yvonne Burke (1979-1980 and 1992-2008) and Gloria Molina (1991-2014).

For more than 100 years, the Board of Supervisors was run primarily by five men.

In November 2020, the residents of Los Angeles County elected Supervisor Holly J. Mitchell to represent the Second District, which marked a significant turning point in the make-up of the Board.

Through their personal stories in the short documentary, each Board member speaks candidly about how they bring a unique lived experience and understanding of what’s currently at stake for Los Angeles County constituents, and shares the challenges they have faced along the way in each of their political careers.

During the past year, the Board’s evolution has been featured in countless articles as a historic moment for Los Angeles County where the Board continues to oversee 11 million residents and symbolizes the possibilities for the future of the County.

“Our current Board has not only shattered the glass ceiling in Los Angeles County, but it continues to inspire women all over the country to live out their dreams and consider public service as a career goal,” said Celia Zavala, Executive Officer of the Board. “Producing a documentary was the best way to be able to capture the spirit of resilience, ambition and public service we all admire in the strong and intelligent women who now make up this Board.”

To view and download the short documentary visit:

Video Credit: Executive Office of the Board of Supervisors

To view and download a digital copy of the all-women Board

Photo credit: Executive Office of the Board of Supervisors.       

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