Sir Knight 2020 Mr. Kameron Brantley

The Social Lites, Inc. celebrated its 53rd Beautillion Awards Presentation under the leadership of Lisa Blacksher Owens, president and Tina Darling, Beautillion Chair virtually due to COVID-19 on Saturday, July 25, 2020.   Gwen Rodgers (President), Dr. Margaret Hill and Danny Tillman of San Bernardino Unified School District Board Members were among dignitaries in attendance to witness five distinguished young men introduced to society naming Mr. Kameron Brantley as Sir Knight.  Sir Knight Brantley will be attending Moorehouse College Fall 2020.  Over $13,000.00 in scholarships and gifts was awarded to all Knights.    

     Master of Ceremony of the evening was Alumni, Sir Knight 2004 Raafi Bell.  Alumni Sir Knight Neuman Sneed II 2019 provided inspirational remarks.  Alumni 1981 Danny Tillman was the keynote speaker who was pleased to share his humble beginnings as he focused on the theme for the Beautillion 2020 Program, “Greatness is never given, it is earned.”

     Sir Knight Kameron Brantley was awarded over $6, 500.00 in scholarships and gifts.  This included a $3,000.00 scholarship as Sir Knight and a $3,000.00 scholarship for participating in “The Evan T. Carthen Emerging Leader” essay contest, a $500.00 travel voucher, luggage, laptop to name a few. Knight Amari Osonduagwuke, identified first runner up was awarded $2,500.00 scholarship, $3,000.00 scholarship for the “The Evan T. Carthen Emerging Leader” essay contest and provided with additional gifts.  Knight Dyvon Brown, awarded President Scholarship in the amount of $500.00 and laptop. Knight Dylan Mack, awarded Perseverance Scholarship in the amount of $300.00 and laptop. Knight Andrew Mitchell was awarded scholarship in the amount of $300.00 in addition to receiving other gifts.  Congratulations to all young men and best wishes for a bright future!

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