Five Inmates Test Positive for COVID-19

Five inmates have tested positive for COVID-19.  Two were new arrests and confirmed positive for COVID-19 upon arrival to the West Valley Detention Center during their medical assessment.  The two new arrestees/inmates were taken directly to isolation housing.  Two inmates who were being held at the Glen Helen Rehabilitation Center in quarantine were transferred to isolation when positive test results were received.  The fifth inmate is at the Central Detention Center, in isolation. 

 The inmates are monitored around the clock and are being provided with medical treatment.  HIPAA guidelines restrict the release of additional information regarding the identity of the inmate, or their medical treatment.

 The total number of inmates who have tested positive for COVID-19 is eight (8).  One of those inmates has made a complete recovery.

 Inmates continue to be provided with masks, cleaning supplies, soap and are urged to wash their hands repeatedly throughout the day.  They are routinely reminded of the need to social distance themselves in efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19. 

 The department encourages all residents to follow local and state guidelines of hygiene and social distancing

Refer:             Public Affairs Division

Phone No.     (909)387-3700

JOHN McMAHON, Sheriff-Coroner

San Bernardino County Sheriff-Coroner Department        

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