Stevie Wonder Is Not Here For Kanye West’s Slavery Views

Fisher Jack,

It should come as no surprise that Stevie Wonder isn’t impressed with Kanye West‘s over the top and ridiculous views on slavery as well as President Trump’s proposed race summit.

TMZ got with the Wonder man on Saturday at LAX and asked what he thought of West’s controversial comment. Yes, that knuckleheaded one about 400 years of slavery being a choice that black people made after a certain point.

You can also tell the he’s not having it with Kanye’s position on the subject — he even says as much by calling it “foolishness” … adding that if you know your history, you don’t listen to such BS.

Stevie was also asked if he’d attend a Trump-hosted meeting at the White House to discuss racial issues. Stevie made it clear he was in the HELL-TO-THE-NAW column on this one.

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