Unity In CommUNITY Day” Chill N Grillin BBQ ComPITion

The Concerned Citizens for the Development of North Fontana, Fontana Police Officers Association, City of Fontana, and the Fontana Chamber of Commerce will host the 7th Annual “UNITY in commUNITY” Chill’ N Grillin’ Barbecue comPITition.

The event continues to build on the excellent community – police relationship which Fontana enjoys.

Jason Delair, president of the Fontana Police Officers Association said, “We believe this community – police event is very important because we have made friends and built trust with community members who initially were somewhat suspicious of police and why we do what we do to protect the community.”

Chill ’ N Grillin’ will be held on Sat. Sept 10, 2022, 11- 3p.m. at Fontana Park’s Sports Pavilion, 15556 Summit Ave., Fontana, CA.

The first event was held in 2016 and has been held every year since then except for 2020, which was cancelled based on the economic lockdown attributed to Covid-19.

There will be activities for kids, vendors, and first responder emergency vehicles including a SWAT truck, historic and current police and fire vehicles.

Performing will be the Summit High School Band, including Summit High School dancers, Heart and Soul Line Dancers, Chicago Steppers, The Tims, Route 66 Dancability with Miss Lisa and along with several other entertainers.

“For $10.00 per person you will enjoy BBQ from each of the grillers in the competition.”   

Ellen Turner, president of the Concerned Citizens explained, “Chill’ N Grillin’ has bridged the gap with the community and local law enforcement. It has been very successful every year. We invite the community to attend for great family fun, good entertainment, and good barbecue. It’s like a Fontana family reunion.”Other city dignitaries who are committed to attend are City Council Members Phillip Cothran, John Roberts, and Jesse Sandoval, along with City Clerk Germaine Key and City Treasurer Janet Kohler-Brooks.

Judges of the barbecue competition include Draymond Crawford, Pastor Danny Vasquez, Phillip Cothran, and Pastor Dwight Cooper.

Acquanetta Warren Mayor of the city of Fontana, who is a strong support of the event said “This event links all of us and helps unify communities throughout the Inland Empire And the barbecue is truly award winning.” Please come join us.”

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