NEW CAMPAIGN: MoveOn Holds AT&T Accountable for Creating White Supremacist Conspiracy Network OAN

5,000 people are calling for AT&T to Drop OAN, many considering canceling contracts 

Washington, D.C.- Today, MoveOn Civic Action is launching a new advertising campaign to highlight the pressure AT&T’s DIRECTV is under from customers and MoveOn members to drop One America News, a right-wing extremist network responsible for propagating lies about the 2020 election that spurred the deadly Capitol attack on January 6. 

A bombshell report from Reuters last month revealed court records indicating AT&T was instrumental in creating the network and that DIRECTV, which AT&T owns, is responsible for 90% of OAN’s revenue, with the founder of OAN even admitting that without DIRECTV, OAN’s revenue would be “zero.” Now, pressure is mounting on AT&T to be responsive to the demands of consumers who refuse to support Trump’s favorite propaganda network 

“In the face of vocal outrage from their customers, AT&T must decide if it is willing to continue to be a corporate sponsor of violent insurrectionists, white supremacists, and conspiracy theorists,” said Rahna Epting, executive director of MoveOn Political Action. “Thousands of MoveOn members and consumers have told us that they are unwilling to do business with a company that prioritizes white supremacist violence over their safety.”

MoveOn is launching a multifaceted accountability campaign including the following:

Ads: During the Cowboys’ home game on November 7, MoveOn is launching an ad campaign targeted at viewers near AT&T headquarters in Dallas. The ad will run during the game on streaming services, including Fox Sports App, Hulu, and YouTube. 

Petitions: Nearly 75,000 people have signed a petition calling for AT&T to drop OAN from DIRECTV.  

Contract Cancellation: MoveOn followed up with petition signers who have AT&T as their mobile provider, and over 10,000 of them said they were considering changing their provider.

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