Here Are Four More Exceptional Black-Owned Businesses That You Can Find On The Black Directory

The Black Directory represents the largest directory of Black businesses in the world, with more than 100,000 Black businesses in the United States, Africa, Caribbean Islands, Canada, and in Europe.

Tarik Nasir of Iron Flame Technologies, who accessed a business opportunity with another Black Directory member in Nashville says, “I wanted to send you a quick note thanking you for connecting my firm with a business opportunity in Nashville, TN. The partner you connected us with has already accepted our teaming agreement and we are pushing forward to leveraging your business connection into a 100-year contracting opportunity. If it wasn’t for your Black Directory, we would have never made this transformative connection. Thank you for all that you do.”

As Brian Morse, the founder of Black Directory says, “at the Black Directory, we do not compete with each other. We believe in creating partnerships and opportunities where every Black business can grow together.” 

Here Are Four More Exceptional Black-Owned Businesses That You Can Find On The Black Directory

Symphony Chips

Featured on Good Morning America and Tabitha Brown, Symphony Chips is a fast-rising Black-owned gourmet potato chips brand that is steadily capturing the imagination (and appetites) of Americans. 

Everyone that has tasted Symphony Chips agrees on one thing – it’s a perfect harmony of crunchy, tasty chips sautéed in a heavenly blend of 28 spices and herbs. Or quite simply in the words of Tabitha Brown, “… the best potato chips ever!”

The company’s chips are sourced from all-natural materials, non-GMO, no-MSG and vegan friendly, ensuring they’re both healthy and tasty.


Pedilicious Footwear is the brainchild of CEO and Founder, Premise Martin. The company is a fast growing wellness brand with a thriving line of natural skin care products and the immensely popular Pedilicious sandal. 

The Pedilicious sandal is comfortable and durable, relieving the heels and toes of the stress brought on by high heels. Yet, the sandals are classy and beautifully finished, providing faultless protection for pedicures, and ensuring women can look as great as they feel. “Many women state that they are so fashionable that they opt to wear them for the rest of the day after their pedicure,” says Stephanie Dawkins, assistant to Premise Martin. The sandals also have seven U.S. Patents.

Diva By Cindy 

Diva By Cindy hair care products include a range of shampoos, moisturizers, growth creams, conditioners and detangling creams that stimulate the scalp and encourages hair growth while keeping your hair silky, shiny and bouncy. Diva By Cindy hair care products are especially loved and preferred for their extraordinary detangling ability, which means, instead of being stuck on a comb, more of your hair can remain in place. 

The company recently became the first natural hair care brand to own automated vending machines in malls and in an airport. Diva By Cindy is now available at the Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport, meaning even on a short stay in Baltimore, you can still grab one of Cindy’s excellent hair care products before you leave.

Bamenda Coffee

If you have ever wondered what exotic, full-bodied, 100% organic coffee tastes like, you’re probably thinking about Bamenda Coffee. The company sources all of its coffee entirely fresh, directly from smallholder farmers in the highlands of Bamenda, Cameroon in West/Central Africa. 

Bamenda Coffee is a highly social company with tangible ties to its community. According to the father and daughter management team, Felix and Angel Leshey, “our coffee is organic and fair trade. We want our customers to have high-quality coffee and we want the farmers we work with to be paid reasonably”.

The company established the Leshey Foundation to help growers and their families access better education and steady incomes, thereby helping to improve and diversify the output of these communities.

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