San Bernardino Valley College Foundation Board Member Strives to Eliminate Student Food Insecurities

SBVC photo
SBVC Foundation Board Member Patricia Nickols Butler strives to eliminate student food insecurities

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. – Since joining the San Bernardino Valley College Foundation three years ago, board member Patricia Nickols Butler has made it her mission to ensure that no SBVC student goes hungry or without hygiene products.
She is president and CEO of the Community Action Partnership of San Bernardino County, and during two recent poverty symposiums, Nickols Butler learned that a lot of local college students were experiencing food insecurity, which can lead to lower grades and dropping out. Her organization now donates food and supplies to SBVC and Crafton Hills College, which operate resource centers for students in need of assistance.
“My heart is really serving the low-income population and creating opportunities for them to achieve economic self-sufficiency,” she told The Precinct Reporter.
“It’s giving everyone an opportunity to achieve their dream.”

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