Assembly Member Eloise Gomez Reyes’ 3rd Annual ’30 Under 30′ Award Ceremony & Art Showcase, Court St Plaza, Downtown San Bernardino

John Coleman

Photo credit: John Coleman

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On  Saturday, August 17th  in downtown  San Bernardino, it looked like ‘party time’ at Court Street Square.   Bright lights were strung thru the trees;  banquet tables, chairs and  lots of people standing about;  some in lines of giant ‘food trucks’, others eating;   and well dressed, taking photos of each other.  Everyone was having a good time!

THIS in downtown SB?  A flashback of the past?  Or a vision of the ‘future’??

Assembly Member Eloise Gomez Reyes’  “3rd Annual ’30 Under 30′ Award Ceremony & Art Showcase”, presented at dusk,  in  downtown,  City of  San Bernardino  was an outstanding success.

It was real, it was creative, and it focused on local youth and their roles in advancing the quality of life HERE in ‘the Inland  Empire’.

Opening the event, Assembly Member, Reyes did what is almost ‘unheard of’ in the world of ‘practical politics’;  she gave credit to an earlier political leader for the model of this event, AND sharing the platform with that person.

The ’30 Under 30′  program recognizes the special services  and other contributions young people from different backgrounds, for years, have been providing here in the Inland ‘Empire’. THEY are our future !

A well-designed  printed brochure containing the photo of each honoree was distributed;  music chosen by each honoree was broadcast as the honoree’s contributions were read, and he or she ….. received a plaque;  The honorees,  their families,  and friends,  as well as people from the community  were there to see them honored !  A warm, sultry evening;  A great party.

Royal Johnson, with family help designed a product for kids who also lost a family-member to gun violence.

The  Honorable Amina Carter, retired/former Assembly Member  originated the ’30 Under 30′ recognition program.

Angie Denisse Otiniano Verissiano, PhD, MPH, Associate Professor of Heath Science, CSUSB, co-author  of a study; “The Cost of Racism for People of Color”, was a “30 Under 30′  Awardee in 2008.   On  August 18, 2019, Dr Verissiano was presented the  “Inaugural Wilmer ‘Amina’ Carter  Award for Continued Service.” 

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