“Listen to What the Holy Spirit is Saying!”

Lou  K. Coleman-Yeboah

By Lou K. Coleman-Yeboah

Your life is about to change! Your world is about to be turned upside down! Total chaos and upheaval is right around the corner. The One World Government, One World Currency, and One World Religion is coming like a freight train. Bank Closures, Riots, Cities Burning, Starvation, Martial Law, FEMA Camps, Constitutional Rights Obliterated, Globalist Takeovers, Disease, Despair, Lawlessness, Crime, World War III, you name it, will soon be unfolding. Buckle your seat belts and hang on tight, the ride is about to get rough. Listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying, because all that Bible prophecy said would happen is happening right before your eyes. 

Yes, the New World Order is about to launch into full swing. Plans are moving along the “fast track” as the corrupt, criminal regimes currently occupying the highest political, financial, and religious positions in the world, who are being driven by the New World Order evil demonic influence, are about to go to all-out war in attempts to maintain control. Listen to what the Holy spirit is saying! There’s not much time left. The handwriting is on the wall! The world is about to DRAMATICALLY CHANGE. A cataclysm of unprecedented proportions is coming upon the world in which you live. Do not ignore, neglect, or cast aside God’s offer of mercy. Respond to it NOW! For NOW, is the acceptable time, NOW is the day of salvation! [Romans 13:11]. For if there was ever a time for you to “make your calling and election sure,” and be sure that you are saved, it is NOW, because only those who have heard and heeded the warning will be spared. Listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying! End times prophecy is fast being fulfilled. 

The hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try all that dwell upon the earth [Revelations 3:10] will soon be upon you, and all who are not firmly established upon God’s Word and the righteousness of Jesus Christ will be deceived and overcome. Understand Satan “works with all power and signs and lying wonders, with all deceivableness of unrighteousness” [2 Thessalonians 2:9-10] to gain control of mankind, and his deceptions will increase right up to the very end. So, please surrender your life to Jesus Christ, the Son of God, because this will be the worst time of suffering since the beginning of the world, and nothing this terrible will ever happen again.” [Matthew 24:21]. The signs are fulfilling, and the final end time events of prophecy are upon you. Listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying!

The people were warned by Noah. For 120 years, as he built the ark, he was preaching about the coming cataclysm, but the people just ignored his warnings. They did the things they always did. They ate, they drank, and they married and lived it up. They ignored all the warning signs, and they paid an eternal price for doing so! They “knew not” until it was too late. [Matthew 24:39].

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