City Of Victorville Swears In Two New Council Members


Rita Ramirez

My Top 3 Priorities

· Establish a High Desert University for accessibility and have educated professionals to attract businesses.

· Restore and renovate Historic Old Town and Route 66 to bring small businesses and make it a Tourism Center. ,

· Save Green Tree Golf Course and support Victorville residents and their homes from property value devaluation.

Debra Jones

My Top 3 Priorities

· Combat Crime – Victorville must become an inhospitable place for crime. With dogged determination then, we must develop and implement a bold strategic public safety plan that centers on prevention, intervention, and enforcement.

· Tackle Homelessness – For our city to thrive, this complex issue must be dealt with straightaway through a coordinated effort with the County, service organizations, experts on the issue, and local law enforcement.

· Build Strength and Vibrancy to make Victorville a healthier, safer place to live, work, and conduct business. This begins with good governance, a sustainable economy, improved infrastructure, and effective public safety.

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