School Board Honored November Outstanding Students

Highland Pacific Students
Highland-Pacific students Achilles War Cry Hart Zavala and Allysa Villarreal received special tribal honors for earning Outstanding Student Awards.

The San Bernardino City Unified School District Board of Education honored 12 students with Outstanding Student Awards at the November 6, 2018, Board meeting. The San Bernardino Symphony also recognized students by providing them and their families with free symphony tickets.

Outstanding Student Award winners are recognized for achievement in academics, athletics, fine arts, citizenship, or for showing significant improvement in these areas. Students are awarded and inspired to have hope for their future by thinking about long-term educational and career goals.

Emmerton Elementary School Outstanding Students

Second-grader Diego Florido has already mastered all of the high frequency words, and he is eagerly expanding his vocabulary beyond that. He is always eager to take on new challenges. Right now, his goal is to play soccer and attend UCLA to study epidemiology.

Second-grader Emperor Martin has an amazing heart. He is kind and friendly with everyone. He is well-behaved, inquisitive, and enjoys a challenge, making him a model AVID scholar. Emperor’s long-term goal is to become a police officer.

Third-grader Matara Teava is a respectful and responsible student. She is doing well in reading, writing, and math, but math is her favorite subject. Matara wants to become a middle school teacher and a famous hula dancer.

Highland-Pacific Elementary School Outstanding Students

Fifth-grader Heaven Calaway is the type of student every teacher wishes for. She works hard, participates in classroom discussions by posing in-depth questions, and is an all-around great student. Heaven likes to help people, so she is thinking of becoming a doctor or owning her own bakery.

Third-grader Allysa Villarreal never hesitates to seek out information or help to overcome a challenge. She is a model for her classmates, not only academically, but because of her strong moral character and compassion. Allysa wants to attend college and write a mystery comic book.

Sixth-grader Achilles War Cry Hart Zavala is a true leader. He has a positive attitude, empathy for others, and good communication skills. He wants to study computer science and robotics at CSUSB and become a game designer.

Jones Elementary School Outstanding Students

Sixth-grader Kimberly Martinez is an English learner, but she hasn’t let that challenge stop her from serving three years on the student council and helping incoming students successfully transition into the Jones Elementary learning environment. Kimberly plans to study nursing at Valley College before transferring to UCLA.

Third-grader Khloe Mendez is an exemplary student who is dedicated to her studies. She is achieving at or above grade level in reading and math. Khloe wants to attend Harvard University and someday become a surgeon.

Third-grader Melanye Reyes is a great role model. She is respectful, responsible, and works hard. She is in the Dual Language program and is reading at a 4th-grade level. Melanye wants to become a biliterate teacher someday.

Muscoy Elementary School Outstanding Students

Sixth-grader Diana Moran is a pleasant and positive student. As a result of her hard work and growth mindset, she has made tremendous academic progress. She is advanced by two grade levels in reading. Diana wants to go to college and eventually work in a bank.

Fifth-grader Arianna Puga is always thinking of others. She helps out at school and she does it with a smile. She even helped launch a clothing drive for the needy. Arianna knows she wants to attend college, but she hasn’t decided which one yet.

First-grader Nigel Tamallo is a model citizen. He is an active listener and classroom participant. He struggled in kindergarten, but now he is working at grade level in all subjects. Nigel wants to become a firefighter.

Pacific High School Outstanding Students

Twelfth-grader Marissa Ocasio is a kind, giving person. She helps her classmates and volunteers regularly with the Tzu Chi food distribution program, all while taking A.P. courses. Marissa wants to major in psychology or sociology and become a high school counselor.

Ninth-grader Miranda Owen has a 4.0 GPA, ranks #3 on the school’s singles tennis team, and plans to try out for basketball and track and field. Miranda said she wants to attend college and search “the multiple opportunities available in the world.”

Eleventh-grader Joseph Pratt is known for his hard work, positive attitude, and kindness. He plays football on the varsity team and string bass in the City Honor Orchestra. Joseph plans to attend a university in California, but he hasn’t decided on a school or major yet.

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