Angels Opt-Out of Anaheim After more than half a century, Angels Baseball may leave

Angel StadiumA Statement from Anaheim Council Member Kris Murray

Today, Angels Baseball exercised their legal option to terminate their lease with the City of Anaheim.

This is further evidence that Anaheim’s toxic political environment has very real consequences. First the city lost thousands of local jobs and millions in future tax revenue when Disney cancelled their planned four-diamond hotel. Now the city is at-risk of losing our beloved Angels Baseball team. This must stop now.

The hubris of some in council leadership that our largest businesses will never leave is false – these risks are real. We cannot allow the demise of the Anaheim dream.

The Angels are taking appropriate measures to protect the team and organization by exercising their contractual option to leave Anaheim if the economic climate does not improve.

The Mayor and City of Anaheim have had eight years to negotiate in good faith with the team and didn’t get it done. Instead the team has endured years of rancor and abuse from the highest levels of city government.

There is no ‘better or more profitable use of this site’ as the mayor has stated repeatedly. Some things are more important than profit – Angels Baseball is too important to Anaheim.

Angels Baseball gives back millions to city and county organizations serving children and families, they generate significant jobs and tax revenue for Anaheim, Orange and surrounding cities, and they represent Anaheim’s heritage and our future.

Anaheim residents cannot risk losing the team to political gamesmanship or wage measures that seek to do at the ballot box that which should be done at the bargaining table.

We need elected leaders who will work on behalf of residents, taxpayers and the team to make sure Angels Baseball stays in Anaheim for the next generation.

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