The Touchstone

By Larry Buford

According to the Bible, God knew us before the foundations of the earth. Now imagine if you will – you were in Heaven, and God said, “I need someone to fulfill a certain mission on planet earth.” You raised your hand and said, “send me I’ll go!” And there was much rejoicing in Heaven!

Then God instructed: “You will be transformed by my mighty hand through a birth canal to take on human attributes, and you will have no recollection of where you came from; but an assigned angel will be your guide and helper. You will experience many trials, tribulations and temptations until you learn and attain a desire to trust and obey my commands which are written in my Word.” And the angels said “Amen!”

Then God said: “You will have free will, but if you seek truth earnestly with humility, you will be led to a place where you will be born again. You will hear of a touchstone called Emmanuel (which is to say, “God with us”), and when you do, run to it, embrace it, believe and trust in it so that I will once again be connected with you. It will prove your value to me, and I will then give you your orders. You will not receive your orders (purpose and meaning for your life) until you are connected. The key to your success will be that you keep my commands.” You agreed, and the angels said “Amen!”

Then God said: “I have sent many before you who heard of the touchstone, but rejected it, and went their own for they loved more the pleasures of the world. The sin of the world is a disease that darkens the souls of mankind. But you will be a light once you are connected. You will have an invisible helper in a world that will come against you. You must walk by faith. You will have an advocate when you err; and you will err because of your human nature. Yet the world will know you are living under authority by your consistent (not perfect) obedience.” And the angels said “Amen.”

So, now that you’re here, the question is, have you heard of the touchstone? If so, have you embraced it? Are you connected with God who holds the key to your purpose and meaning in this life? Do you recall the many times you were in some kind of trouble and somehow got through it? God uses various experiences to try and get our attention and to draw us to the touchstone. God so loves the world that everyone alive on this planet should have access to the touchstone, but not everyone will receive and embrace it. What about you? God is waiting to hear from you!

Larry Buford is a freelance Los Angeles-based writer. He is also author of the Book/CD “Things Are Gettin’ Outta Hand,” and the soon-to-be-released “Book To The Future.” Contact:; (213) 220-8101

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