“Ain’t That ‘bout a Pickle!”

Lou  K. Coleman

By Lou  K. Coleman

The world can tell you to prepare for the storm that’s on the horizon and you immediately do whatever is necessary to make sure that you have prepared. But when Jesus sends warnings and tell you to prepare for what is about to come, you do nothing. Going about business as usual. I tell you; you will be sorry that you didn’t heed God’s warnings. 

On Saturday Aug. 19th, the National Weather Service urged residents of the Santa Clarita Valley to use Saturday, to prepare for what is expected to be tropical storm conditions — the first inklings of which will be experienced Saturday night, they said.  Ariel Cohen, meteorologist in charge for the NWS’ Oxnard station, urged residents to subside any apathy and prepare as much as possible. “This is the time now if people want to be prepared and be ready and, if they don’t want this to be a surprise, to take those preparedness actions to be ready,” said Cohen. “Getting an emergency supply kit ready, making sure that any outdoor objects are brought inside, staying away from any flooded roadways, all of those things that we can do to stay safe makes a difference and in some cases between life and death. Everyone needs to be thinking about what to do when potentially dangerous weather strikes, he says. Please take time now to prepare for potential flooding, high winds, and flash flooding in high-risk areas,” read the alert. If you receive a CodeRED email or text message, read the entire notification carefully and follow all instructions.”   

Many residents in L.A. County headed to the local stores, buying water, emergency preparedness supplies and non-perishable food. Some SCV residents did the same, but many remain either apathetic or unconcerned about the impending storm.  Ain’t that ‘bout a pickle! Many weren’t worried about the warning at all and believed, “It was just media hype.” One interviewee said, “We get rain all the time. We deal with warning signs every day. Caution lights. Flashing lights. Emergency alerts that come over our phones and television. Somewhere in the world people are warned to take cover in a storm or to evacuate, but I think it’s overhyped, but I don’t blame them for being a little cautious.” [The post Storm watch: Santa Clarita braces for tropical storm appeared first on Santa Clarita Valley Signal.] By Rylee Holwager and Trevor Morgan.] 

Ain’t that ‘bout a pickle. –  Ain’t worried about a thang! 

Well, you ought to be worried, because disobedience of not heeding to God’s warnings will bring God’s punishment, attracts God’s judgment, attracts God’s wrath, and damns you in hell. 

I tell you, there is a storm coming and we need to be sure it does not catch us off guard. There are warning signs and we need to recognize them for what they are. 

How long will you simple ones love your simple ways? How long will mockers delight in mockery and fools hate knowledge? [Proverbs 1:22]. 

How long will you keep ignoring the warning signs and live for your own ways and desires as if there are no consequences for doing so?” 

A prudent man sees danger and takes refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it. [Proverbs 22:3].

Remember, God resolved to destroy the human race [Genesis 6:11-13]. Noah built an ark according to God’s instructions [Genesis 6:14-22]. The Lord commanded the remnant to enter the ark [Genesis 7:1-9]. The flood began [Genesis 7:10-16]. The flood prevails 150 days, the mountains are covered [Genesis 7:17-24]. All because they did not heed the warning.

I want you to know, that what God says He means. He said it won’t be water but fire next time. Prepare, get aboard the Ark now. Don’t wait until the storm falls on you. It will be too late to prepare then, and there will be no place to hide and no place of safety, for the whole world will be burned away. Heed the warnings of God today.

Just imagine: 

At 2:45 p.m., local time, life was normal. 

At 2:46, without warning, the earth began to shake. Warning signals blared across the land. Buildings swayed, but did not fall, just as they’d been built to do. Government, military, and law enforcement officials went into emergency mode, just as they’d all drilled to do. 

But the earth kept shaking.

Eighty miles out, in the deep blue seascape of the Pacific Ocean, six miles above the massive movements of the earth’s plates, salt water was being churned and tossed about with a force far stronger than any force ever created by man. The first waves slammed into the shoreline two hours later, 23 feet above the beaches that had been so calm just an hour earlier. Cars, ships, houses and chucks of roadway were swept along with the water, destroying everything in the path of the surge.

The aftershocks came, one after another, one dozen after another dozen, until more than 50 had been recorded.

Landslides triggered by the storm quickly buried other communities, while people were still inside the buildings. Ambulances lined up outside. With the collapse of infrastructure, homes lost power, and millions of people were looking for food and fresh water within the day. 

And on the horizon loomed the worst news of all. There were critical, potentially devastating, problems developing.

Warnings – issued all around for the worst. 

The images are so raw, so fresh, but the phrase that strikes me is … “Without Warning.” 

So as Ariel Cohen said, “subside any apathy and prepare. For Jesus tells us that the fire of God’s judgment is going to fall! That there will be a reckoning day and that every man will stand before God and given an account. Are you prepared? 

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