“Oh, When the Wrath of God Touches America!” 

Lou  K. Coleman

By Lou  K. Coleman

It ain’t gonna be nothing nice. Mercy would have left the building, and each man and woman will be judged according to their works which will culminates in the fierce wrath of God with unending torment [Revelation 20:12-15]. Yes, America the sister of Sodom and Gomorrah, who leads the world in every abomination known to man will be destroyed by God for their wickedness and rebelliousness. For God raised up many prophetic voices to call America to repentance and to warn that continued rebellion will lead to doom. America has refused to listen. Because of that, America has passed the point of no return, the point of “dread release”. Therefore, America will be a reproach and a taunt, a warning, and a horror to the rest of the world, declares the Lord. [Ezekiel 5:15]. From judgment to wrath, from discipline to doom. America, a nation that CANNOT be saved even by the prayer of the Righteous! Read [Ezekiel 14:12-20]. 

For as Nahum pronounced it is one thing for a nation to ignore God and another for it to rebel against God. Both actions will provoke the judgment of God. But when a nation goes to war with God, that nation beckons the wrath of God and thus seals its doom. America is in trouble. God has lost His patience with His unfaithful, disobedient, and covenant breaking people. As God informed Abraham in [Genesis 18:16-21], that a great outcry against the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah had come up before Him, and so He was going to destroy the cities if they were as wicked as He had heard, and so  will it be for America, who hate God, who hate the things of God, who are filled with their own lust and with their own desires. America will be transformed from a lush and fruitful ground to a place which just screams death. For as surely as I live, declares the Lord Almighty, the God of Israel, surely Moab [America] will become like Sodom, the Ammonites like Gomorrah−a place of weeds and salt pits, a waste land forever. [Zephaniah 2:9].  

Oh, When the Wrath of God Touches America!

Then Abraham started negotiating with the Lord. He said, “If you can find fifty righteous people will you spare the city. The Lord said if I find fifty righteous people in the city, I will spare all the people for their sake. [Genesis 18: 26]. Abraham continued to negotiate with God. He dropped the number of righteous people to forty, then to thirty, then to twenty. Then in [Genesis 18:32], Abraham said to the Lord, “If I can find ten righteous people in Sodom and Gomorrah will you spare the cities? The Lord said if He could find ten, He would not destroy it for the ten’s sake. But not even ten could be found in these cities. Tragic!

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