4-0 Vote on Eight Affordable Condominium Units For Sale in Bloomington area on a 181 Multi-Family Condominium Complex Project Approved

Bloomington, CA.- During May 23rd, 2023’s Board of Supervisors Meeting, a vote on eight affordable condominium units for sale in Bloomington area on a 181 multi-Family condominium complex project was approved. As a public benefit of the project to the County, the Developer, All-Era Properties, LLC has offered to commit eight units of the 181-unit Project as affordable housing to the public to purchase. The units will enter a recordable restrictive covenant that ensures the enforceability of the affordable housing restriction, for a period of 55 years from the date of the initial sale of each of the eight units.

Diane Mendez, a member of the Bloomington Municipal Advisory Council said, “I am happy to hear that the Board of Supervisors approved the affordable housing units associated with the new Linden Street development in Bloomington.  A new housing development is needed in our area, and by setting aside units specifically for affordable housing is a community benefit that is both necessary and appreciated.”

“When housing becomes affordable, possibilities multiply and we as an entire community grow together. To have a project like this in our County is rare and proves we are moving in the right direction. We want to thank the developers on this project for offering to make 8 of the units affordable housing for the public to purchase, as this will assist those who have dreamt of owning a home come true. This is truly a victory for our County as a whole.”  -Supervisor Joe Baca, Jr.

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