It’s A Shame – The Sneak Attach Platoons – [Satan and His Minions]!

Lou  K. Coleman

Playing among us in real life and ain’t nobody paying attention. Everybody just doing their own thang. Well let me put you on game, before you get your head took off by these cats.

The “Sneak Attack Platoons” [Satan and his minions] is going to lead you into strange pastures where smiling faces will greet you, but in reality, they are awaiting an opportunity to cut your throat and kill you. That’s right! The “Sneak Attach Platoons [Satan and His Minion] wants to destroy and kill you and all of your off springs. So Wake Up and Grid your Loins, [in preparation] because if you don’t you are going to be destroyed. For there is no shame in their game. I tell you the Truth, the Whole Truth and nothing but the Truth, so help me God! 

The Sneak Attach Platoons are out to get you! It’s Crunch Time! Crunch time for all human race to Wake Up! The world is telling us what the Bible warned was coming – Prepare for Armageddon! For we are heading for the climax event in this world, the Battle of Armageddon, which the Bible warned was going to take place in the very end times, and the WORLD IS NOW EVEN WARNING of this impending war. “Prepare for Armageddon: China’s warning to the world – A message from President Xi Jinping that is getting louder by the day. 

Awake from your slumber and grid your loins! A treacherous time is before us. War and the nations gathering for more war. Economic woes, massive inflation, crime on all sides, wickedness everywhere, natural disasters, famine, etc., etc. We are living in a time like no other before us, and yet just as in the days of Noah and Lot, people continue to ‘eat and drink’ and live as if nothing is going to happen. Wake up! Your salvation draweth nigh!

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