“Then the Lord Said to Samuel…” 

Lou  K. Coleman

By Lou K. Coleman

“I am about to do a shocking thing… I am going to carry out all my threats … I have warned continually that judgment is coming [1 Samuel 3:11-14] but they have squandered the opportunities, I have given them to repent. How long will the simple ones love their simple ways? How long will mockers delight in mockery and fools hate knowledge? [Proverbs 1:22]. Hear this, you foolish and senseless people, who have eyes but do not see, who have ears but do not hear.” [Jeremiah 5:21] the time of trouble, which is to increase until the end, is very near at hand. You have no time to lose. The world is stirred with the spirit of war. The prophecies of the eleventh of Daniel have almost reached their final fulfillment. The time of trouble—trouble such as was not since there was a nation [Daniel 12:1]—is right upon you, and you are like the sleeping virgins. Awake from your slumber because soon great trouble will arise among the nations— [fire, flood, earthquake, war, and bloodshed]. Heed the warning before it’s too late! 

Remember the word came to Noah, “Come thou and all thy house into the ark”; The message came to Lot, “Get up,” he said. “Get out of this place, for the LORD is about to destroy the city!” [Genesis 7:1; 19:14]. So now we are given warning of Christ’s second coming and of the destruction to fall upon the world. Run, run to Jesus NOW, for those who heed the warning will be saved. God’s judgment on the earth is a fact. Don’t ignore the warning. The flood is the past example of God’s judgment. Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed when God rained fire and brimstone on them. God ordered Israel to destroy the Canaanites because of their sin. Israel itself was judged by the Babylonian captivity. Jerusalem was destroyed in A.D. 70 because of rejecting the Messiah. There are many more examples in the Bible. But no other judgment in history was as widespread and severe as that of the flood. As such, the flood stands as the past example, bar none, of the fact of God’s judgment on the whole earth, and just as He judged the whole earth with the flood, so He will judge the whole earth in the end times, and none will escape. Don’t wait until it’s too late! Heed the warning NOW for God’s grace is seen in not closing the door until the last possible moment. Understand God’s future judgment will be historical, universal, and will come suddenly. He who testifies to these things say, “Yes, I am coming quickly.” [Revelation 22:20]. So don’t wait until it is too late. You must take the means of escape God has provided NOW. 

The people watched Noah working for 120 years. They watched the animals streaming in from all parts of the globe. They watched Noah and his family board the ark. The door was still open for any to come aboard. Nobody did. They watched as the Lord shut the door [Genesis 7:16]. The rain started. It was too late.

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