Supervisor Joe Baca, Jr. Allocated 2.1 Million Dollars to Make the Blake Ballfield Project Come to Life

San Bernardino, Ca.- Supervisor Joe Baca, Jr. allocated for the approval of a funding contract with Provisional Educational Services Inc., to the PAL Ballfield at Blake Park to begin improvements on the park. The project has now been approved and plans to begin the rehabilitation project have begun. PAL Center Chief Executive Officer Dwaine Radden Sr. said, “restoring these fields has been a long time coming. But we are grateful that Joe Baca Jr. embraced the vision to refurbish this community baseball field. He allocated 2.1 million dollars to make this project happen for the PAL students, local baseball youth programs, and the community. Our children need safe fields to play on, or they will be playing in the streets.”

“Allocating these funds for an underserved and disadvantaged community such as Muscoy was just a small step in the right direction. Blake Park Ballfield project approval has allowed our County to keep pushing to provide recreational, health, social services, and better quality of life to our county residents. Creating safe fields, especially for our youth is pivotal in keeping them safe and keeping them from playing on the streets. We are so excited to see this project soon come to life and see our residents enjoy it together.” -Supervisor Joe Baca, Jr.

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