Letter to the Editor (David Tucker experience with Health Care)

Senior resident of Rancho Cucamonga and president of the VIP Seniors Club at the Rancho Cucamonga Senior Center regarding his experience and call for attention regarding Medicare Advantage coverage. 

Dear Editor,

Coming out of the pandemic, healthy habits and prioritizing care are front mind for the retired population more than ever before.  

I am thankful that my Medicare Advantage plan gives me the care I need to properly address my health issues and prevent further problems. Since I am blind in one eye, it is very important I have quality vision insurance. My plan gives me great coverage for my eye treatments, prescription medications, and screenings all at a minimal cost. Not only does my Medicare Advantage plan give me the vision coverage I need, but they integrate hearing and dental coverage into it as well. That way, I get all the preventative measures I need to ensure I am not unaware of any surprise ailments.   

On top of all of that, for my busy weeks running the VIP Club at the senior center, I have utilized the prescription covered through my Medicare Advantage plan. It’s convenient and easy – and so beneficial to those who cannot drive!  

I hope California’s lawmakers continue to support this program in 2023, so that seniors like me can keep their health care that is quality and affordable. 


David Tucker – President of the VIP Seniors Club  

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