‘Madea Goes to Jail’ Actress Ion Overman Named in PPP Fraud Case

By Ryan Steal

The federal government is continuing to crack down on Payment Protection Program fraud, and a new indictment in Georgia has named 19 celebrities and CEOs. Artists, athletes, and well-known public figures have all found themselves on Uncle Sam’s bad side after being accused of defrauding the taxpayer of millions of dollars.

Ion Overman, well known for her role as Linda in Tyler Perry’s 2009 film Madea Goes to Jail, is the most recent public figure to be mentioned.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Mark C. Mason Jr., a crucial participant in this case, has been accused of not only filing fake loan applications, but also of assisting others in doing so. Mason allegedly took a “success fee” of two to five percent of the entire amount paid from those he helped if they were accepted.

According to AJC, among those indicted were: Ion Overman, who appeared in the early-2000s TV series “Port Charles,” as well as “Desperate Housewives”; Carlos “Clos” Stephens, a music producer and consultant who has worked with Master P and Little Romeo; Dale Godboldo, an actor who appeared in “The People v. O.J. Simpson,” “Thor” and awards-season darling “The Year of the Dog”; and Marvin Lewton a.k.a OG Shadi Powers, a media personality covering hip-hop.

Despite the fact that the 19 people mentioned in seven indictments have firms and businesses all across the country, the prosecutions are being handled by the United States Attorney’s Office in the Northern District of Georgia. The musicians and celebrities involved have yet to respond to the charges.

Bryanston Square Inc., a California company created in 2005, is alleged to be owned by Overman. There is little information regarding the company, but it appears to be related to the entertainment industry, according to some reports.

Baby Blue, the singer for Pretty Ricky, was recently rumored to have agreed to a plea deal for his alleged role in a million-dollar PPP scam. Mo Fayne, the star of Love & Hip Hop, was also found guilty on similar offences and faces up to 151 months in jail.

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