The Federation Declares June 19th an Organizational Holiday!

The Federation of Southern Cooperatives is requesting our partners, friends, supporters and members to join us in the celebration of Juneteenth to honor and acknowledge the historical struggles of Black people and celebrate the resilience, creativity, and sacrifice that built our country. We believe a holiday deserving of great celebration and federal holiday recognition and status is June 19, 1865.

Known as Juneteenth, it commemorates the emancipation of enslaved people in the US. Also called Freedom Day or Jubilee Day, it was first celebrated in Texas, where on that date in 1865, in the aftermath of the Civil War, slaves were declared free under the terms of the 1862 Emancipation Proclamation.  

The stakes are higher this year than ever before as a few of our black farmers may finally see debt relief and other efforts that may allow them to continue the proud legacy of farming. In 2021 we still have many struggles related to racism, voter suppression, and inequality. In the month of June, we will feature educational topics, historical exhibits, and advocacy statements for Juneteenth to be a national US holiday.

Like any grand celebration, bring out the fireworks, the food, the fun, and also fierce determination to support equality for black farmers, landowners, and cooperatives! 

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