African American Women Provide Financial Security For Survivors Of Domestic Violence

“Blessing customers tables to save women from violence”

TACOMA, Wash., Jan. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Blessings From My Heart To Your Table IS ON A MISSION to revive women and their children that have been traumatized (sexually, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually) and equip domestic violence survivors with job skills and provide financial security.

“Blessing customers tables to save women from violence” Blessings From My Heart To Your Table is raising money to provide MORE underserved survivors with culinary training, homes, prenatal and financial assistance AND everyday essentials to children and women survivors of abuse.


Domestic violence survivors experience trauma at a higher level than the average individual and with added pressures like the lack of job skills, money and homelessness, pregnancy, and the responsibility of raising emotionally healthy children, the trauma level among survivors is increased to unhealthy and dangerous heights of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.   

Many survivors return to their abusers due to lack of financial security, homelessness, and everyday basic needs. Survivors escape their abusers and are faced with great financial burdens to replace material possessions and live a stable life. Many have a difficult time obtaining work. Blessings Is here to offer a solution to this community of women survivors and their children- especially now during this COVID-19 pandemic when domestic violence is on the rise.

Blessings owner and founder Delphia Brewton is an African American survivor of domestic violence. Blessings uses culinary as employment and a form of healing as culinary gives immediate validation and builds confidence overtime.

Blessings provides culinary training, employment opportunities, and financial assistance to survivors living in shelters across Washington state and homes for survivors.

Blessings believes in powerful collaborations to help the most underserved and traumatized women and vulnerable children in Washington state to provide real change to women who need it. Blessings partners with local women shelters and organizations to enhance their services.

Blessings has served 100’s of women since they opened in 2012.

Blessings has provided over 2000 meals to homeless survivors of domestic violence.

Blessings has raised over $40,000.00 for survivors of domestic violence. Please donate at

Blessings From My Heart To Your Table 

Phone Number: 253-321-7373 ext. 2

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