Prop Spending Breaks Records, And Then Some

Voters  are   seeing an  additional   $153,466,506 being spent  on  ads  for ballot measures in 2020  as compared to  the  last  Presidential cycle, so far with over two weeks to go.

SACRAMENTO – The California Target Book has compiled charts to easily track how much money is being spent in 2020 compared with past election cycles. So far, voters have seen an additional $153,466,506 being spent on ads for ballot measures in 2020 as compared to 2016 which previously had the record with most dollars spent, with still over two weeks to go.

“There has been a steady increase in the total amount of money raised for ballot measure campaigns since 2014,” says Darry Sragow, publisher of the California Target Book. “But the astronomical spending this year is something we just haven’t seen before.”

Including the money spent in the primary on Prop 13 (School Bond), the proposition cycle total stands at $627.6 million, running well ahead of the previous record of $491.9 million spent in the 2016 election cycle.

The main committees supporting or opposing November’s propositions have raised nearly $616 million as of this week, with three already stretching into nine figures:

·      Prop 22 (Gig Workers) – $204.5 million;

·      Prop 23 (Kidney Dialysis) – $112.7 million; and  

·      Prop 15 (Split Roll) – $100.5 million.

A fourth proposition is likely to cross that level in short order, Prop 21 (Rent Control) with $97.8 million.

“Voters have a tipping point,” adds Marva Diaz, editor of the California Target Book. “We will have to see how voters respond to such enormous expenditures for ads and mailers. It won’t be clear until the results come in whether the additional dollars deliver a victory on election day.”

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