California Energy Commission Approves Funding For Hydrogen Stations In Inland Empire

SACRAMENTO – The California Energy Commission (CEC) has approved funding for four new hydrogen fueling stations in the Inland Empire. The stations are slated for construction in Ontario, San Bernardino, Corona, and Fontana. 

“The network of hydrogen refueling stations, hydrogen fuel supply, and the use of hydrogen electric vehicles will support California’s air quality improvement and climate change goals,” noted the CEC in its announcement.  

Three companies — FirstElement, Shell and Iwatani — were awarded funds for 36 stations to service passenger vehicles across the state. Another 87 stations were also recommended for future funding. Combined, this represents well over $200 million in private sector investments to help the state reach its goal of 200 stations by 2025.  

Demand for the CEC funding was strong; applications for more than $100 million above what was available from the CEC were submitted. 

We are incredibly pleased with continued growing interest from the private sector,” said Teresa Cooke, Executive Director of the California Hydrogen Coalition. “California’s policies are clearly working and we call on the Energy Commission to fully allocate the remaining dollars so we can build a statewide network of fueling stations benefitting all of California’s communities.” 

The full list of funded stations, including their exact street locations, can be accessed here. 

The funding builds on California’s leadership in hydrogen infrastructure deployment. The state has 42 hydrogen stations open. 

The stations are funded by Assembly Bill 8, passed in 2013.

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