Concerned Citizens for the Development of North Fontana host School Safety Law Enforcement Forum

In the event of a school emergency do you know where to pick your child up?

Panelist, Fontana Unified School District Police Officer G. Johnsen,  Fontana Police Sgt.  Kellen Guthrie,  Lieutenant M. Keaunt, and Lieutenant  J. De La Torre answered questions for the parents that attended the “Everything You Wanted to Know About Law Enforcement and Didn’t Know Who To Ask” Law Enforcement Forum hosted by Concerned Citizens for the Development of North Fontana, on the last day Vacation Bible School at Community Baptist Church in North Fontana.

Vice president  Vernall Townsend, coordinator and moderator for the forum facilitated all questions asked to the officers from the parents and children as to how to remain safe at school during an emergency as well as in the community. Kidnapping and Human Trafficking was topics  discussed and it was suggested that parents use the tracking device on their cell phone to Know Where Their Children  Are at all times. All cell phones that have Google Maps on it can be used to locate your child  at no cost. “Ellen Turner president of the Concerned Citizens said that she and her adult children stay in contact with each other using Google Maps. It is easy to do.  In the menu of Google Maps you can share locations with your children, and they’ll know exactly where they are. Location sharing could be a lifesaver. In our recent earthquakes, if we were separated from each other due to the earthquake, Google Maps might save a life.” 

The message that Echo throughout forum all the officers agreed on (1) “Communicate with your children to obey the instructions of the authorities on campus  to ensure safety of everyone”.   (2)Parents talk to your student and have a predetermined plan as to where and how to contact each other when the officers instruct your student it is safe to call. Keeping lines of Communication open was the Key message.

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