Rise up my people for it takes an entire Village to raise a child each one must teach one from generation to generation for this Injustice done to my people may be forgiven by God’s grace but never ever forgotten. We went from Kings and Queens to being classified as 3/5 human beings from draped in gold to Shackles On our feet being beaten by whips they even made it legal call it the Trans-American slave trade 500 miles our ancestors was stuff in the belly of their ships 60 million of our people died on those boat rides travel across the world those 500 years ago and lost something we never regained our Language our Religion our Basic Human Rights.

Rise up my people we when from African glory to hostile territory work my people from can’t see to can’t see that’s can’t see in the morning to can’t see at night in this strangers land picking their cotton shedding our Blood Sweat and Tears rape, murder and kidnapping was all part of slavery forced to live a life of horror and terror my people sang songs to keep themselves strong while in trees they hung with ropes around their necks.

Rise up my people they had us breeding  like animals only to take away our litter or should I say children cause more babies meant more slaves which meant more money they divided us from one another and to this very day we’re still divided as long as we stay separated we will always be Weak.

Rise Up by people it’s a cold cold world we live In, and not one among us is free from Sin, but we got some who think they’re better than Others, a little money and power and they forget about their Brothers, politicians, lawmakers and churches are supposed to Lead, but to me they got a monkey can’t see hear or speak to our Plead, explain to me how blacks make up only 12% of this Nation but 48% of the prison Population, are so many of my people that bad or just caught up in a trick Bag, Got brothers fighting over a red and blue Rag, put the white in the middle now we salute his Flag, black on black crime here comes another body bag another toe Tag.

Rise up my people the government got game but I recognize It, ancient time slavery you can’t disguise It,  I guess you can call me Moses Man trying to lead my people out of pharaohs Land, against each other we be Scrapping, black on black we Capping, hold up slow your roll let me tell you what’s happening Captain,

I’m coming out shooting with both hands from the Hips, I’m not just bumping my Lips, I’m trying to sink his Battleship,

Ask yourself how many brothers do you see out on the Dock,  you see the hood didn’t go to The Rock, the rock came to the Hood, laid out the bait made it look all Good.  Fell for your trap because of dollar Starvation, now my people either dead locked up or on some type of Probation.

Rise up my people they gave the Native Americans liquor the African Americans Crack, as a matter of fact I know some Mexicans who still want their land Back, now you got Mexicans across the border Indians on Reservation, 48% of the prison Population has black Incarceration, what happened to my 40 acres and a Mule, we can settle right now for five and some Tools, separate mines from yours that’s what I Thought, so let all that nonsense Walk, fell for the plan by the man didn’t understand it’s his damn land  his Contraband put it in our hand now in court we stand being judge by the clan now who said slavery was banned.

We have to WISE UP My PEOPLE



By Fred Eli West aka elidapoet    

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