“NAEJA urges investigation by Attorney General”

San Bernardino County- Allegations of judicial malfeasance were detailed in a letter to state Attorney General Xavier Becerra. 

National Association For Equal Justice In America/NAEJA asserts alleged acts allegedly committed by former District Attorney Michael Ramos, Deputy DA Vance Welch and Superior Court Judge William Jefferson Powell have cost Black residents their personal freedom and possibly violated federal equal housing rights.

Barbara Bratton is just one victim.  As a result of the alleged actions of these judicial officers, Ms. Bratton a 60 year-old Black woman, after forty years of ownership of her Inland Empire home is now serving house arrest after having spent 16 months of State Prison incarceration all for actions to save her home from predatory foreclosure.

Lending fraud committed during the era of predatory lenders was highly publicized in state-wide law suits.   Resultant “predatory foreclosure mills” however, went largely unnoticed, leaving many once long-time homeowners jailed or homeless.

NAEJA President/CEO Royce Esters said, “It never seems to matter, their age, their place or their issue, Black people never seem to have the system work in their favor.  We’re counting on Attorney General Becerra to shine the light of justice on these officials.” 

NAEJA is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization.  All donations are tax exempt. To support the predatory foreclosure investigation call NAEJA Offices at 310-608-5878.

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