Lower Your Electric Bill, Increase Energy Efficiency

Lower your electric bill photoSCE offers customers various income-qualified programs and payment arrangement options to help save money.

By Susan Cox @SCE_SusanC –

January 24, 2019-Customers may be able to lower their electricity bill by taking part in money-saving programs at Southern California Edison.

About one-third of SCE’s residential customers are enrolled in income-qualified programs that offer bill discounts and low cost/no cost energy-efficiency products and services. These programs help to not only reduce electricity usage, but may also lower the amount customers pay.

“All of our income-qualified programs are designed to assist customers who live in our service territory and we want to encourage them to seek assistance, if needed,” said Michael K. Bushey, director of SCE Program Operations.

“SCE keeps all customer information confidential. We want our customers to have confidence with all aspects of our customer service and we encourage those who qualify to apply for assistance if they need it — we are here to help wherever we can.”


Michael Bushey, SCE Director

In addition, SCE does not inquire about the citizenship or legal status of customers in the provision of services, does not share customer information with outside groups or agencies without consent and does not require proof of residency for customers to participate in customer assistance programs.

Customers ineligible for income-qualified programs can work with SCE staff on payment arrangements that could spread out their payments and help during difficult times.

“Everyone needs help from time to time, and at Edison we want our customers, especially our most vulnerable customers, to feel free to reach out to us so we can be of assistance,” said Bushey. “We want to provide safe, reliable and affordable service for all of our customers.”

SCE Customer Assistance Programs

California Alternate Rates for Energy (CARE)

Provides a discount of about 30 percent on monthly electric bills for eligible customers. Households of two would be eligible if the household income is below $32,920 per year. Customers who qualify for CARE may be referred to the Energy Savings Assistance Program for additional help and savings.

For more information: sce.com/care – Opens in new window.

Family Electric Rate Assistance (FERA)

Provides a reduced monthly discount of 18 percent for income-qualified households of three or more. Households of three would be eligible if the household income is below $51,950 per year.

For more information: sce.com/fera – Opens in new window.

Energy Savings Assistance Program (ESAP)

Helps income-qualified customers save money on their bill and conserve energy. Customers may be eligible for free replacement appliances such as an energy-efficient refrigerator, air conditioner and more, as well as home efficiency solutions like weatherization and LED lightbulbs that help save energy and money.

For more information: sce.com/esap – Opens in new window.

SCE’s Energy Assistance Fund (EAF)

In partnership with the United Way of Greater Los Angeles, SCE’s nonprofit Energy Assistance Fund program, funded by customers and SCE employees, provides up to $100 to help customers pay their SCE energy bills when they meet the program’s income qualifications. Assistance is available once during a 12-month period.

Visit sce.com/eaf – Opens in new window and click the “How to Get Assistance” link.

Budget Assistant

This free, easy-to-use tool will let customer set monthly spending goals and receive proactive alerts either weekly, mid-month or when they have exceeded the spending goal. This tool will track costs in close to real time and send alerts via email, phone or text.

For more information: sce.com/budgetassistant – Opens in new window.

Level Pay Plan

SCE’s Level Pay Plan offers eligible customers the opportunity to pay for their annual electricity service across 11 equal monthly payments. The Level Pay Plan does not reduce the amount of the bill. Customers are still responsible for paying the full cost of the energy they use, however they can split the cost into equal payments throughout the year.

Visit: sce.com/customer-service/billing-payment – Opens in new window.

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