Mr.Clifton Harris   ***Editor 

I’ve been told that often times a simple thing can channel a lifetime achievement into a vacuum. I can now see this vision and validity of this statement. Your quote by Fredrick Douglass and your Mission statements amplifies my feeling. However I am confused after reading a recent commentary. If given attention front and center, a rebuttal should have been made to reject the contents which are basic lies! This is in reference to your recent front page commentary by Harry C. Alford. The headline read “So Much Hate; So Little Tolerance” In these terrible time it is a topic that catches attention. However upon reading, it embraces the very subject it visibly condones. Did anyone read this article before it became the front and center material?

In his article he denigrate the Democrats when it’s the Republicans that are creating problems for the people especially Black people. He also sling false dispersions of mental illness on Kavanaugh’s accuser. I ask one question especially; this woman is well educated would you not be able to identify the person that unzipped your trousers while holding you down then grabbing your Penis?? There are even dispergence on the number of past years this took place. As a woman or Black you should understand the years of silence. You would only suffer more.

To give this tainted version of America’s problem is problematic for me when the opposite political party is the culprit. The problem is the ELITE must have its way and a foot must be on a Black man’s neck and racism most certainly leads the pack! Which is eliminated from the conversation. It amaze me how some Black educated people can joyfully ride this train. Yet I find there are some Blacks that are elite also. They found one to object to affirmative action so it never stop.——10/18/24/18

The San Bernardino  AMERICAN  newspaper


Nat Peter Allen

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