School Board Honored October Outstanding Students

SBCUSD Outstanding Student photo
The SBCUSD Board of Education presented Outstanding Student Awards to 12 elementary students, including students from Anton Elementary School.

The San Bernardino City Unified School District Board of Education honored 12 students with Outstanding Student Awards at the October 16, 2018, Board meeting. The San Bernardino Symphony also recognized students by providing them and their families with free symphony tickets.

Outstanding Student Award winners are recognized for achievement in academics, athletics, fine arts, citizenship, or for showing significant improvement in these areas. Students are awarded and inspired to have hope for their future by thinking about long-term educational and career goals.

Ramona-Alessandro Elementary School Outstanding Students

Fifth-grader Jesus Echeverria is an excellent citizen. He is polite and respectful to staff and fellow students. He is also a good student. He completes all homework assignments and takes good notes in class. Jesus wants to attend college, but he hasn’t picked a career yet.

Kindergartener Rogelio Mercado has just started school and can already identify his numbers up to 31. He is eager to learn, even at this young age. Rogelio has lots of time to decide what career he wants to pursue, and the Alessandro staff thinks he will go far.

Fifth-grader Kartavya Singh is an excellent role model. He is responsible, excels academically, is active, and appreciates music. Kartavya reads at the 11th-grade level and is a creative and innovative writer. He aspires to study physics at MIT.

Anton Elementary School Outstanding Students

Fifth-grader Gonzalo Ahumada is an outstanding role model. He is a great classroom helper and is very reliable. Math is his favorite subject, so it’s no surprise he excels at it. Gonzalo wants to become a police officer after he graduates.

Third-grader Natalie Reynaga-Gil is polite and kind. She is also a hard worker who always tries her best in the classroom and the learning center. Natalie wants to attend college and become a veterinarian.

Fourth-grader Kaziana Williams is a sweet girl who does her best every day. She is friendly and kind and has a positive attitude toward learning. Kaziana wants to become a police officer someday.

Arrowhead Elementary School Outstanding Students

Fourth-grader Dominic Guevara is an outstanding person. She is empathetic and helpful. She takes her schoolwork seriously, always staying on task and working hard. Dominic wants to attend college and study medicine so she can become a doctor and help others.

Second-grader Aliyah Orozco is an outstanding citizen and positive role model. She believes in herself and knows she can be brave and strong enough to achieve her dream of being a police officer. She also wants to use her artistic talents and create video games.

Third-grader Michael Padilla is an avid reader who is reading at a 6th-grade level. He works hard and takes pride in his academic achievements. Michael wants to attend UCLA and serve his community as a police officer.

Barton Elementary School Outstanding Students

Fourth-grader Itza Arambula is in the top of her class, academically. She scores in the 99th percentile in English and the 90th percentile in math. Itza wants to attend college and become a teacher.

Sixth-grader Dayra Perez is a model student and the epitome of Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID). She is responsible and organized. Her attention to detail is present in everything she does. Dayra wants to attend UC Santa Barbara and open an eco-friendly business.

Sixth-grader Zechariah Saha is an exceptional role model and scholar. He scores in the 97th percentile in language arts and the 86th percentile in math. He understands the importance of perseverance and displays leadership skills. Zechariah wants to become a singer/songwriter.

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