Non-Profit Business Owner Seeks Adelanto Elementary School Board Seat

Ammie HinesADELANTO, CA. Ammie Hines, the Founder of local non-profit, Another Level For is in the race the Adelanto Elementary School Board.  Mrs. Hines has worked with the residents of Adelanto for the last 8 years serving in various capacities including utility assistance, financial literacy workshops, and a food pantry.  She is committed to serving her community, and sees serving on the board as yet another way to serve the children and parents of Adelanto.  She has previously served on the Executive Board of the Local NAACP. Currently she is a Board Member of Community Action Partnership San Bernardino (CAPSB).  She and her husband Harold, have raised six children.  A little over a year ago, life changed and they became foster parents to 5 nieces and nephews, ranging in age from 2 weeks to 12 years old.    Working with and advocating for these children inspired Ammie to go a step further; to work and advocate for all the children of Adelanto.  She believes we can do better.

Ammie is running for school board because she believes in the value of education and how much our next generation needs to be supported with tools to be prepared when they enter the workforce, or advance to college.  She wants to work with parents, teachers, and the community in developing and supporting academic initiatives that will prepare our children, like Cradle to Career initiatives.  She is endorsed by Mrs. Evelyn Glasper who has served on the board for many years. Her union, SEIU Local 2015 has also endorsed and support her efforts.  Mrs. Hines is passionate about ensuring all of our children get the best possible start in life.  Safe schools, Student success and Fiscal responsibility, are issues that Ammie supports. The safety of our children is a priority for her. She wants to work to ensure our taxpayer dollars are working for our children in the classroom; and be a voice for your children. 

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