Black Caucus Calls for a Full Investigation of Sen. Joel Anderson for His Alleged Violent Threats Towards Lobbyist Stephanie Roberson

Sacramento, CA – Allegations against members of the California Legislature for sexual and violent threats should be taken seriously and addressed promptly. The Chair of the California Legislative Black Caucus, Chris Holden, is calling for a full investigation into Senator Joel Anderson for his alleged threatening remarks towards Stephanie Roberson, a highly respected lobbyist for the California Nurses Association. The Caucus strongly encourages the appropriate disciplinary action be taken swiftly.

“We must hold violators of the Legislature’s sexual & violent harassment and discrimination policies accountable,” stated Holden. “The CLBC fully supports Ms. Roberson and encourages all Capitol staff, lobbyists, and visitors to utilize the formalized procedures in place to bring about justice for a safer work environment for all. It is imperative that we create a safe workplace both inside and outside of the Capitol.”

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