The Two Month Boycott of Starbucks May Have Cost Starbucks $100 Million!!!

Starbucks no moreThe Starbucks boycott continues!!!

We estimate that Starbucks hast lost more than $100 million in lost business, store closures, diversity training cost, paying employees for not working, consultants fees, media buys, and especially in brand damage. Bloomberg estimates the closing of Starbucks stores today alone is $17 million.

On our Facebook page, viewed by more than 120,000 people, Black people say they will discontinue going to Starbucks at a 25 to 1 ratio.

We continue our “Pop-up” boycotts where anywhere at any time, a Starbucks store somewhere in being picketed.

And worse of all, we continue to get reports of a pattern and practice of discrimination by Starbucks across America.

Here is an example:

Three years ago, Jeffrey A. Fletcher, a black New Haven police officer, on duty, in uniform, was told he could not use a Starbucks washroom in New Haven. He complained to Starbucks in Seattle. They offered him $3,000.00 and a Non-Disclosure Agreement. He only wanted an apology. They refused to apologize and closed his Starbucks Incident Report: 180424-010750 offered by Starbucks Company legal department Attorney Katrina Thorndock.

Forbes says Starbucks is an $84.6 billion a year company. Losing $100 million is nothing to them. They would rather lose another $100 million than properly address the issue.

Properly addressing the issue means working with the Black community to solve the problem, rather that working in isolation with Starbucks employees only.

The Starbucks brand may be damages beyond repair. The boycott continues and Starbucks has gone from being considered one of the best companies in America to being one of the worst!!

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