Tyler Perry’s Dream For His Son Aman Will Make Your Heart Melt

Tyler PerryTyler Perry has an extensive resumé of films and TV shows that draw viewers in and lead to box office gold. And, while the filmmaker and producer is proud of the work he’s done, nothing beats fatherhood. Perry welcomed his son in November 2014, calling Aman a “beautiful and strong and amazing” child during a 2016 appearance on The Real.

Speaking with ESSENCE editors Cori Murray, Yolanda Sangweni, and Charli Penn for the Yes, Girl! podcast, Perry opened up about being a dad and his dream for son Aman.

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Speaking with ESSENCE, Perry shared that his dream for his son is that he will be “all that he wants to be.” “[My dream] for him is to be the best that he can be. All that he wants to be, no matter what that is. In my mind what I would love to say is, ‘Here are the keys to the studio. I’ll be somewhere smoking a joint on an island, you go do this. I’m 80-years-old now, go do your thing. ‘ But, if that’s not his dream I just want whatever it is that he does to be special and amazing.”

Whether or not Aman will be a filmmaker like his father is still undecided, after all, he’s only three-years-old, but he does have the perfect role model in his father.

“We were on the beach over the holidays and we’re walking up the beach… behind me he’s jumping up and down,” Perry said. “I said, ‘What are you doing?’ He said, ‘I’m walking in your footsteps, papa.'”

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