County Environmental Health earns national awards for outreach to public, system for businesses to file hazmat plans online

Environmental Health officials have earned two national awards for their efforts to educate residents about food safety, swimming pools safety and mosquito-borne diseases, and for developing an online system that helps businesses file hazardous-materials plans online.

The Department of Environmental Health was recognized with two Achievement Awards from the National Association of Counties (NACo). The awards honor innovative, effective county government programs that strengthen services for residents.

NACo recognized a program called Saving the Public, One PSA at a Time in the category of civic education and public information. Environmental Health promotes its public-service announcements on social media and its website to educate residents about food safety, swimming pools safety, mosquito-borne diseases and other issues.

In the category of information technology, the Hazardous Materials branch also won for Annual HMBP Submission Automation – Compliance Made Easier. Companies must file plans with the county to publicly disclose where hazardous materials are located at businesses such as gas stations, dry cleaners and car repair shops. Business plans provide information to police, firefighters and other first responders, and ensure that measures are in place that allow employees to safely handle hazardous materials.

The recently implemented automated system  encourages businesses to comply through online filing. Automation saves time and ensures continued protection for public health and safety.

“I am so very proud of our team here in the Department of Environmental Health. We have the best, most talented group of professionals working for us! These recognitions only serve to reinforce that,” said Steve Van Stockum, director of Environmental Health.

NACo President Roy Charles Brooks said, “Counties seize opportunities to deliver services more efficiently and build stronger communities every day. Achievement Award-winning programs are examples for counties that are determined to enhance services for our residents.”

Nationally, awards are given in 18 different categories that reflect the vast, comprehensive services counties provide to the public.

For more information on these award winning programs or to view the Public Service Announcements, please visit or

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