Ritual Brewing Co. Has Been All Bottled Up, But Now They’re Canning It

– For the first time, microbrewery set to release cans of their Double IPA, Art of Dankness, on April 20th which is the second beer in their Dank Goodness Series. –

Redlands, California (April 2017) – Ritual Brewing Co. is bringing back their Double IPA, Art of Dankness (the second beer in the Dank Goodness DIPA Series), in 16 oz. cans.

The brewery will release its Art of Dankness Double IPA (AOD) in four-packs of 16-ounce cans on April 20, 2018. Owen Williams, Ritual’s Co-Founder said, “Being able to share cans of Art of Dankness with friends of the brewery and people who love our beer is very exciting for us.”

Craft beers in cans are growing in popularity and offer some advantages to the consumer. Specifically cans cool faster, are lightweight, compact, and are more portable. Those with active lifestyles are to particularly benefit from the can’s functional efficiency.

“Dank” is an adjective, meaning deep, rich, herbal aromas with a complex earthly scent. Art of Dankness contains wonderful earthy aromas that embody the smell of a forest after rain. The brew pours a beautiful deep orange color with a natural taste that matches its smell. Biscuit and Crystal malts are used in the brewing process along with Summit, Columbus, Centennial, Simcoe and Experimental hops. The ABV level is 9.2% while the IBU caps out at 101. “This beer was created to be our tribute to the hops on the deep and dank side of the hop spectrum and it’s one of our most sought after beers.  Canning Art of Dankness seemed like a natural choice.” says Steve Dunkerken, Ritual’s Co-Founder.

This release gives beer lovers yet another packaging option from Ritual. Dank Goodness for this beer!

About Ritual Brewing Co.

Ritual is a microbrewery located in Redlands, CA that opened in November 2012, and has won a number of awards for its beer in its short history. The brewery is opened six days a week featuring 24 taps, beer tasting flights, brewery gear, bottled and can beer and growlers to-go with tours on the weekends. To learn more about Ritual Brewing Co. visit http://www.ritualbrewing.com.

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