Regional Centers Serving Californians with Developmental Disabilities Need Increased Funding to Hire Additional Staff to Ensure Delivery of Core Services

Sacramento — Discussions on the State’s upcoming Fiscal Year 2021–21 must include prioritizing additional funding for the 21 regional centers that serve over 350,000 Californians with developmental disabilities. They are … Read More

World-Renowned Ophthalmologist Dr. Patricia Bath Could Be First Black Woman Inducted Into The National Inventors Hall Of Fame

Dr.  Bath  was  the  first  Black  female  doctor  to  receive  a  medical patent Nationwide — Dr. Patricia Era Bath lived a life without limits. She was the first Black American … Read More

Black History Month Debuts Award-Winning Documentary Exposing U.S. Government For Oppressing Black Communities

Filmmaker Brandi Webb to release experimental documentary indicting U.S. Government on 18 charges Nationwide — Betrayal of a Nation, an award-winning documentary, indicts the U.S government on 18 charges committed … Read More