Riverside County Probation staff praised during Probation Services Week

Probation officers outside the Hall of Justice. 

2023 Pretrial, Probation, and Parole Supervision Week is July 16-22

RIVERSIDE, Calif. – Pretrial, Probation, and Parole Supervision Week is a time to recognize dedicated community supervision professionals across the United States.  This July 16 through 22, we honor Riverside County Probation Department probation officers, probation corrections officers and support staff who hold justice-involved youth and adults accountable through community supervision while working to help them regain control of their lives and improve safety in Riverside County.

“We are proud of our incredible Riverside County Probation staff for their dedication to assisting clients to overcome challenges and access resources that allow them to build a stable foundation from which they can work their way out of the criminal justice system,” Chief Probation Officer Christopher H. Wright said.  “Their efforts reach far beyond the clients; breaking the cycle of recidivism to heal families and make communities safer.”

Probation is an essential and integral part of the justice system. People often enter probation at a vulnerable time in their lives, hoping for a chance to overcome past mistakes and move forward.  With courage and dignity, probation staff provide a balance of effective enforcement and finding rehabilitative services to get clients back on their feet and lead productive futures.

Probation staff work collaboratively with the Courts, community-based organizations and fellow county agencies to provide educational, vocational, substance abuse recovery and mental health support.  In addition, probation officers work with state and local law enforcement through multi-agency task forces that specialize in gangs, narcotics and accountability and compliance. The department has implemented juvenile delinquency prevention and intervention programs to reduce entry by youth into the justice system.

Pretrial Services provide reports regarding the circumstances of a client’s arrest and criminal history to assists the Court in making the most appropriate orders to encourage their success while remaining free in the community.

The department operates three juvenile detention facilities and one residential treatment facility. The detention facilities primarily house youth pending court hearings or out-of-home placement. The residential treatment facility provides programs and services to youth who are committed to this program by the Court. This includes re-entry case planning to facilitate the youth’s seamless transition back into the community upon their release.

The Victim Restitution and Resources Division provides victim restitution memorandums to the Court on a countywide basis for all adult and juvenile cases. Individualized restitution services are provided to the Court and approximately 10,000 crime victims each year.

The Riverside County Probation Department supervises approximately 10,000 adult and 700 juvenile clients throughout the county.

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