Junior Flight Academy (JFA) and California Inland Empire Council, BSA (CIEC) Join Forces to Propel Scouts into the World of Space Exploration, Aviation, and Technology

Los Angeles, CA, July 18, 2023 — Junior Flight Academy (JFA), a leading provider of online aviation education, is thrilled to announce an exciting partnership with the California Inland Empire Council, BSA (CIEC). This groundbreaking collaboration will empower all scouts with unprecedented access to cutting-edge online educational programs, aiming to cultivate the next generation of pilots and astronauts as well as educate and inspire the next generation of scouts, encouraging them to become leaders and pioneers in the fields of aviation and technology.

In an era characterized by rapid advancements in science and technology, the need to inspire and educate young individuals in fields like space exploration, aviation, and technology has never been greater. Recognizing this critical need, Junior Flight Academy and California Inland Empire Council BSA have joined forces to ignite the passion for these disciplines among scouts, empowering them with the tools and knowledge necessary to soar to new heights.

Through this exciting partnership, scouts from California Inland Empire Council will gain exclusive access to Junior Flight Academy’s comprehensive online curriculum. This dynamic educational platform is specially designed to captivate young learners and immerse them in a world of wonder, discovery, and endless possibilities. By combining engaging multimedia content, interactive simulations, and expert guidance, scouts will have the opportunity to explore the realms of space, aviation, and technology from the comfort of their own homes.

“At Junior Flight Academy, we believe that every child possesses the potential to become a pilot or an astronaut,” said Dr. Michael D. Falkow, Senior Advisor, Academic Programs for the JFA. “We are thrilled to partner with the California Inland Empire Council, BSA to extend our reach and provide scouts with unparalleled access to our online educational programs. Together, we will inspire and equip the future pioneers of space exploration, aviation, and technology.”

With a curriculum carefully curated by industry experts, scouts will delve into a variety of captivating subjects, including spacecraft design, aeronautical engineering, celestial navigation, robotics, and more. Through interactive lessons, online curriculums, and virtual mentorship programs, scouts will have the opportunity to interact with leading professionals in the field, expanding their knowledge and fostering meaningful connections.

“This partnership between Junior Flight Academy and California Inland Empire Council, BSA is a remarkable opportunity for our scouts,” said Mathew Bear, Scout Executive and CEO of California Inland Empire Council, BSA. “By introducing them to the wonders of space exploration, aviation, and technology, we are nurturing their curiosity, sparking their imagination, and providing them with invaluable skills for the future. We couldn’t be more excited about the possibilities that lie ahead.”

The JFA and California Inland Empire Council, BSA share a common vision of inspiring and empowering young minds to explore the endless possibilities of the world around them. Together, they are poised to make a lasting impact on the lives of countless scouts, building a foundation for future pilots, astronauts, and trailblazers in the field of technology.

Junior Flight Academy (JFA) Media Contact: Dr. Michael D. Falkow, PMP Senior Advisor, Academic Programs Michael@JuniorFlightAcademy.com

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