“My Truth” I am listening to you. Keep talking

By Cheryl Smith

Publisher of I Messenger Media

Texas Metro News

Last week I wrote about dishonest politicians and the need for everyone, wherever you are, to be held accountable. Well, I have heard from so many of you and the comments range from “bout time” to “you’re going to make some people angry.” There were those who were concerned that my bottom line would be impacted and I wouldn’t be able to keep the newspaper alive. Still others said, “keep doing what you’re doing and you will not only be on the right side of history, you’ll be blessed.” Wow!

Which brings me to my truth!

All I really want to say to everyone is, keep on commenting and sharing your thoughts. Too often the media send you what they want you to know, never once asking what’s on your mind. You want the truth. You want to hear from people you can trust, not people who are ruled by the dollar and will lie to suit their agendas or needs. When you consider the millions of newscasts, podcasts, vlogs, columnists, bloggers and just folks calling into talk shows or posting to social media; well, you have a proliferation of information to decipher and determine what serves your needs. 

Unfortunately there is more hype than truth. While there are reputable journalists and others who you can rely on, sometimes coming to that realization can be time consuming and overwhelming. And then too, people want to believe good news. For example, weeks later people are still commenting about the sale of BET to Tyler Perry. What are they responding to? A fake report. Actually, in plain words, a LIE! Sadly, reputable folks grabbed that lie and it spread like a wildfire! 

Now people are giving Mr. Perry suggestions about how he should run this new business venture. And what is a person to think when along with the so-called reputable sources most of the commentary is coming from people who have a degree from the Facebook or TikTok University School of Business? Pray tell me! This week, I am in Nashville, TN at the National Newspaper Publishers Association’s Annual convention. 

For many of these publishers, their publications are more than businesses. It takes a special person to take on the task of pleading the cause of a people who sometimes don’t see the value or fail to realize that all ice is 32 degrees Fahrenheit. We are trying to take you back to a time when you valued the Black Press. Stay with us for the journey.

Cheryl Smith is the owner, Publisher and Editor of I Messenger Media LLC the umbrella for Texas Metro News, Garland Journal, and I Messenger digital magazine. Email her at penonfire2@gmail.com

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