The Marvelous Melba Moore, Coming Soon to TUBI-TV’S Sitcom, “Kim & Niecy”

Double XXposure Media are excited to announce that the legendary Tony winner, R&B hit maker and Grammy nominee Melba Moore will make her return to the world of television sitcoms, by being cast on an episode in the upcoming debut season of TUBI-TV’s “Kim & Niecy”.

A spinoff of the longtime sitcom, “Moesha”, the series “Kim & Niecy” stars two alumni from the former show – Countess Vaughan (“Kim Parker Hauser”) and Shar Jackson (“Niecy Jackson Hamilton”). Both reprise their characters, who are now business partners in Kim’s fashion store and beauty salon.

Ms. Moore will portray Niecy’s grandmother, Lori Shockman.

The “Kim & Niecy” episode is slated for production this summer and will be streamed on TUBI-TV during the upcoming fall season, when the series will make its debut. 

In previous years, Ms. Moore starred in the CBS-TV variety series, “The Melba Moore/Clifton Davis Show” (thus making the duo the first African American couple to host a network program), as well as the sitcom, “Melba”, which also aired on CBS. 

Ms. Moore is available for interviews. To inquire, contact

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