5 Health Benefits Of Black Coffee

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A lot of people start their days with a cup of coffee but in many cases, they’ve added sweeteners and other accompaniments. However, there may be more benefits to skipping all of that and drinking your coffee as black as you can handle it. 

Is Black Coffee Good For You?

Generally, the answer to this question is yes. Black coffee can be good for you because it’s a great source of nutrients and healthy natural compounds.

According to a nutritive analysis, an 8-ounce cup of black coffee contains approximately 3% of the daily value of thiamin, niacin, and potassium. It also has 14% DV of riboflavin. Black coffee is also a significant source of caffeine and polyphenols, which have well-known health benefits.

Does Black Coffee Have Calories?

Yes. As with all types of food, black coffee has calories.

How Many Calories Are In Black Coffee?

Typically, an 8-ounce cup of black coffee only has 2 calories. This may vary slightly depending on how it’s prepared but not significantly. 

5 Health Benefits Of Black Coffee

1. It May Reduce The Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes

Studies show that there may be a direct relationship between how much black coffee you drink and a reduced risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

According to researchers, drinking up to 6 cups of coffee per day can result in a significant reduction. While some researchers estimate that the benefits are because of caffeine and the polyphenol, chlorogenic acid, others proved differently. The participants in a study with decaffeinated black coffee showed similar results to those who had caffeinated coffee. 

2. It Can Protect Your Brain

There have been multiple studies regarding the effect of black coffee on neurodegenerative disorders and the results have been somewhat mixed.

However, it’s possible that drinking coffee regularly can reduce your risk of developing illnesses such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. You may also be less likely to experience cognitive decline. 

3. It May Protect Your Liver

According to several studies, drinking coffee can help you to maintain a healthy liver. As with diabetes, this protection is directly linked to how much you drink.

Those who drank one cup per day saw a 15% reduction in their risk of developing illnesses such as liver cancer and cirrhosis. If you go up to 4 cups of coffee, however, you may see as much as a 71% reduction in the same risk. 

4. It Can Lower Your Risk Of Depression

The health benefits of drinking black coffee to your brain don’t just stop with degenerative diseases. Studies show that people who drink one cup of coffee per day can see about an 8% reduction in their risk for a depressive episode.

That risk may also be influenced by how much coffee you drink. At first, researchers attributed this benefit to caffeine but other studies that included decaffeinated coffee suggest that it may be linked to another component in the drink. 

5. It May Prevent Cancer

Several studies have shown a possible link between drinking coffee and a reduced risk of developing certain cancers. Researchers suggest that this health benefit is related to the antioxidants that are naturally found in coffee. If you drink at least one cup of black coffee per day you may reduce your risk of developing endometrial, breast, liver, and colorectal cancers. 

Does Black Coffee Help You Lose Weight?

Though more research is needed, there are a few studies that show drinking black coffee can help you to lose weight. There is some evidence that coffee positively affects the storage of fat while supporting good gut health. It’s been shown that drinking black coffee can result in decreased body fat overall.

Additionally, one study showed that people who drank at least 2 cups of coffee per day were 17% more likely to have increased energy during physical activity, which is important for weight management. Researchers were also able to establish a link between drinking black coffee 30-60 minutes before a meal and eating less. 

Final Words On Black Coffee

Researchers are still working on proving all the possible health benefits of black coffee but there is enough information available for you to consider having a cup or two per day. Of course, if you have any concerns about adding caffeine to your diet, it’s a good idea to talk to your doctor first.

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