“God’s Two-Minute Warning!”

Lou  K. Coleman

By Lou K. Coleman

Take Heed! DO NOT IGNORE THE WARNING! The Great Tribulation and World War 3 [Armageddon] is near. Understand, we are not going back to normal. We’re Not! The Great Tribulation and World War 3 is coming. The Trumpets, the Bowls, and the Seals. The Bible calls it the Seven Last Plague in [Revelation 15:1-2] and in [Revelation 9:15-18] its says 1/3 of the population of the world is going to die. DO NOT IGNORE THE WARNING! Things are going to get more intense and it’s going to be endless, expanded, expended, and enlarged. Grid your loins. This is your two-minute warning that the game is almost over! Don’t blow it! Heed the warning! Run to Jesus your only safe haven.

As you know the world’s elites seek to create a New World Order—a better world, as they envision it. But what the world’s elites, experts, leaders, and those who seek to create this New World Order do not know nor understand is the Biblical worldview revealed in the Bible. A world heading into darkness beyond imagination. You see, the inspired Word of God lays out His plan through the ages—which includes not only the story of salvation but the map of world history from its beginning to its conclusion. A thorough understanding of what begins in Genesis and concludes in the Book of Revelation brings the critical missing dimension of divinely guided history, otherwise known as prophecy. 

Prophecy described in the Book of Revelation, the end stages of the coming great reset—the rise of a coalition of nations into a system the Bible labels as “Babylon,” in which for a time all will seem well, and the world will praise this system and benefit by economic cooperation. Prophecy where God also predicted the rise of Militaristic Russia [Gog & Magog, King of the North], the rise of the worldwide China Empire [Kings of the East] [Revelation 16] and the accumulation of knowledge and rise of technology capable of keeping track of people, their transactions, and worldwide television [Daniel 12:4; Genesis 11:6]. These are sufficient to tell us we’re down to the Two Minute Warning – just before Christ comes back in power and great glory! DO NOT IGNORE THE WARNING! Take Heed! Jesus is your only safe haven. He will cover you with his feathers. He will shelter you with his wings. His faithful promises are your armor and protection. God will take care of you. [Psalms 91:4]. DO NOT IGNORE THE WARNING! Run!  Run to Jesus! Game is almost over, only two minutes left. Make your move NOW!

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