Letter To The Editor

Dear Editor,

There is a powerful engine that drives American society today. Long ago it was God, family, and country; today it is salary, self, and secession.

Today money drives not only business and banks, but politics, government, media, education, sports, and even religion. God himself has been bankrupted by commercialization.

Children see their happiness shredded by their parents’ passion for accumulation of money.

Our nation long ago replaced its spare linen flag with a molten idol, well out of reach of a hundred million grabbing hands, but firmly in the grasp of the 1% class.

There is not a single beloved tradition that has not been thoroughly debauched by our love of money and the pursuit of all its attendant evils.

Once willing to work for money, we now insist that our money work for us. Once willing to ask what we can do for our country, we now only ask what our country can do for us.

Once willing to lend money at little or no interest to demonstrate our disdain for treading down the poor, today we charge triple digit interest rates and bask in the glory of exploitation.

Kimball Shinkoskey

1306 S. 1100 W.

Woods Cross, Utah 84087



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